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Serve Eazy - It will serve you well

Serve Eazy is designed to serve all kinds of repair shops which cover one-person armies to multi branch shops alike. This application is for those who wish to Increase Shop Efficiency by managing the workflow, accounts etc. and also it will help to build a good Customer Relationships with its unique Integrated Communication Tools

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How it is the best for Repair Shops?

The heart and soul of a repair shop is the job management system. Your job will show you exactly what you need, when you need it, from any device including cell phones on the go. The highly reliable workflows will gently prompt you to the next task without getting in your way or slowing you down.


Get connected and let know what you do.

With powerful customer management and help you instantly available database from anywhere. We added the important parts of a CRM and left out all the confusing stuff so your team will ramp up quickly and get to work.

Seamless Report integration

Our reporting module has unparalleled power due to the nature of our fully integrated software. Because your Ticketing/Invoicing/CRM/Inventory are all in one place, we can give you insight that crosses all these areas.

Now its up to you to decide

With powerful customer management and help you instantly available database from anywhere.



Real Time Monitoring

Keeping track of your Accounts and inventory is no longer a chore. Enable Accounts and inventory tracking and manage cash and goods as they come in and go out.

Multi User Login

ServeEazyazy can manage multilevel multiple users simultaneously and also it can help you for better work assigning and intra communication.

Complete Accounts Solution

Managing accounts is always a burden in any shops.ServeEazyazy can gives you better accounting experience.

Spare Parts Inventory System

Spare Parts iare inevitable part in repair shops. Managing its inventory made easy here.

Easy Way to search

The best interface brings you the best User Expereience and even the clustered services may become highly user friendly once you start using it.

Instant status checking

Customer submitted their high valued products to you.So real time status checking makes them tension free and have trust on you



Stay Informed

Always be in-the-know about your repair business.

Great Communication

Your team can ramp up quickly with our software prompting next action.

Full Reporting

Unimaginable number of reports to better analysis of business.

Great Support

Support is included and will help you through any questions.

To whom this will be help full?

Mobile Repair Shop

This application have all unique features for a mobile phone Service center. As the System in web based one, you can integrate all the branch network into one System and you can watch and analyze all the activities in each branch with not much effort.

Our application will be help in customer relation with its automated Customer management system.

Laptop Repair Shop

Our Comprehensive software allows you to customize in unlimited ways for a truly unique experience for a Laptop Service Center. The features included in the application is truly a fantastic and highly reliable one for the perfect running of a service center..

Electronics & Electrical Shops

Serveeazy is your one stop application for managing your Electronics Repair Shop. Our Comprehensive software allows you to customize in unlimited ways for a truly unique experience. In addition, track assets, tickets and connect with customers all in one system.

Watch Repair Shop

For any highly active watch repair center. It is difficult to handle the customer service and handling.The integrated customer management system will really help you in different communication with customer in real type using automated sytem.


  • Abdul Azeez

    Britco & Bridco
    Very Useful tool, its a very easy software to use and understand. Most of options included are highly relaible and supporting
  • Habeeb Rahman

    Serveazy does everything we could possibly want it to, it’s a complete solution and we are tremendously happy with it.
  • Shafi

    It streamlines communication, billing, and facilitates workflows that are very beneficial to our internal processes. Serveeazy is the best software out there hands down.



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